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To protect our community and staff, if you’re feeling unwell or have even the mildest symptoms, please do not enter. Call the Coronavirus hotline and get tested 1800 675 398

For the safety of yourself and others please follow the instructions of our staff at all times.

If you are struggling financially due to COVID 19, feel free to give us a call. We may be able to offer some groceries assistance and direct you to services that can assist.


PNH COVID Update - January 2022

Notes from COG chat Monday 17 Jan 2022

- COVID planning for PNH from Jan 24 to 1 March-assess situation by 1 march and then decide how to proceed.

- Defer indoor class/group activities until at least 27 Feb due to very high risk of covid spread. Reassess situation at that stage re the following month.

- Risk to opening up with adequate supply of N95 masks and Rapid Antigen Tests for staff and volunteers is too great to take-thus we wait until supply is confirmed and available. PNH to provide same when available

- At minimum, abide by current Govt guidelines, but we will continually assess the situation and add additional safety measures as we see is appropriate to best keep staff and participants as safe as possible from the spread of virus

- Small outside gatherings can occur, however, they will be needing approval from Carol, Rachel or Rhonda prior to holding the gathering

- No-one to enter to the house other than those working on the day or by appointment/arrangement.

- Access to toilet may need to occur-with temp taken and a wipe down after.

- Each person entering the house needs to be on a written register and might need temp taken. Temperature gun on Carols desk.

- Food assistance can continue, however, all participants to wear masks and social distance. Until our assessment of situation in March, food will be bagged for handout to avoid people taking too much time and sorting through boxes themselves. Time limits per person to apply (no longer than a few minutes) and timing of visits will be encouraged. If people need to have a chat or seek further assistance, either appointment to be made or a quick outside chat with worker can occur around the side.

- Sign to be placed on front door regarding entry guidelines for internal house access.

- Sign to be placed on gate re food assistance guidelines.

- If staff/volunteer working at the House tests positive to covid, all who have been present with the infected worker the day or two prior to the positive test will be deemed close contacts, even if they have not worked together for four hours with the person infected and will need to have a negative RAT test before returning to House. (I just put this in myself and it may be a bit over the top, but happy to get feedback-this is just how I feel is the safest way forward for the immediate time)

- All other safety measures as per our previous covid guidelines.

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